Who We Are

Redemption Rock Brewing Co. was founded by a team of lifelong (or so) craft beer fanatics. But we’ve taken a long and winding road from craft beer drinkers to craft beer makers. Read on to learn more where we’re coming from and what we’re bringing to the table.

Dani Babineau, CEO


The woman with the plan, the brains of the operation, and the only one who can honestly put “proficient with Microsoft Excel” on their resume. Dani runs the ship and cracks the whip.

Background: Certified Cicerone. Babson MBA. Long-time Beer Geek at Craft Beer Cellar Newton.

What She’d Be Doing if Not at Redemption Rock: Unemployed with an architecture degree.

Greg Carlson, Head Brewer


Bearded? Check. Flannel-clad? Check. Perpetually sweaty and hungry? Check. Yup, this guy is a brewer.

Background: Working at the lovely Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers. Also an obsessive homebrewer, Siebel graduate, and low-key coffee snob.

What He’d Be Doing if Not at Redemption Rock: Brewing someplace else. A calling’s a calling, after all.

Kevin Kirkness, Taproom GM


Poet, artist, troubadour, bartender. Loves tequila, Belgian frites, and ‘90s alt-rock. Proficient at mixin’ margaritas and breakin’ hearts.

Background: Slingin’ beers at the incomparable Cambridge Brewing Company.

What He’d Be Doing if Not at Redemption Rock: Hawkin’ wine at an unbelievable markup at some fancy-pants joint.

Dan Carlson, Marketing


Our spin artist and bullshitter extraordinaire. Managed to convince the rest of the team that they “totally need to hire me to tweet and stuff” (see above note on BS).

Background: Long-time technology marketer. Which, of course, is very similar to marketing beer (see above note on BS).

What He’d Be Doing if Not at Redemption Rock: Still marketing technology even though he uses Yahoo email and hasn’t owned a proper computer since 2008 (see above note on BS).