Redemption Rock Brewing Co. is a craft brewery and taproom (important note: still under construction) in Worcester, Mass. Our goals are simple: make the best beer we can and get it to people in an environment that’s fun, welcoming, and engaging for everyone.

About the beer

Our tap list is still in development (spoiler alert, we’ll probably have an IPA), but our brewing principles are set in stone: quality above all, and variety not far behind.

Our head brewer shared his thoughts on our brewing philosophy in a recent blog post. Read “So, What Kinda Beer You Making?”

About the taproom

Part brewery, part taproom, part cafe. Welcome to your second home.

Come celebrate beer with us in our spacious and comfortable taproom (once it’s, you know, built). Our plan is to have you enjoy our house-made craft beers and meat & cheese plates, or grab a locally roasted coffee and some baked goods. Hang out, have fun, and be served by our knowledgeable and friendly staff.