So What Kinda Beer You Making?

By Greg Carlson

Now that’s a Frequently Asked Question.

It’s a tough one to answer succinctly. Brewers often say they brew the beer they want to drink. For us, that’s, well, all of them (and that works out great, because we want to brew beer for all the people, too). Sometimes life calls for a hoppy, pink, sour ale. Sometimes it calls for pale lager. Often, it calls for something in between. They’re all fascinating and beautiful and wonderful – and, to hell with it, we’ll brew them all.

The truth is, we’ve spent the better part of a decade experimenting with recipes and “product strategies” or whatever and we’ve found three truths to be self-evident:

  1. Variety is the spice of life: We love everything hoppy, hazy, funky, fruity, tart, dark, creamy, crisp, and clean. Expect us to throw a lot of different styles your way.
  2. Every style is sacred, no style is sacred: If you’re going to brew a classic style, you gotta do it well. No shortcuts and nothing second-rate. But we’re also not afraid to put a unique spin on a style if we think it works.
  3. Quality matters most: That’s the bottom line. Everything else is fair game.

We’ll roll out a more specific tap list as we get closer to opening — but for now, you can count on us having various pale lagers and pale ales (German! American! Belgian!) as staples in the taproom. And we’ll almost certainly offer an IPA (or, like, dozens of them). We’ll also get weird — incorporating coconut, spices, coffee, cacao, or any number of local fruits into our rotational brews. It’s gonna be exciting, and it’s gonna be done right.

Why We’re Opening Redemption Rock Brewing Co.

By Danielle Babineau

New taproom in Worcester, Mass.

Why are we opening a brewery?

This is not a Frequently Asked Question. We’ve literally never had to answer this question. To anyone that knows us, the reason’s always been clear:

We’re f*cking obsessed with craft beer.

After falling in love with beer, the overwhelming temptation of “following your dreams” and “doing what you love” took over for us rather quickly. And with a hefty amount of learnin’, thinkin’, and workin’, here we are — opening a brewery.

That’s why we’re opening a brewery – but why are we opening this brewery. Redemption Rock Brewing Co., in particular?

Let’s start with a bit of history. When it comes to craft beer, our team was born and raised in the beer festival scene. From Drink Craft Beer to NERAX, there’s nary a fest we haven’t volunteered for in Boston in the last several years.

When we think about what we love about craft beer, the beer fest experience is a good place to start. To us, craft beer is about getting friends together and exploring the wide world of craft beer. It’s about trying new and exciting things, making new friends along the way, and getting to meet the good people that brew the stuff. And it’s about getting swept up in it all.

That’s what we’re trying to capture at Redemption Rock Brewing: good times with friends, an opportunity to explore all that beer has to offer, and a strong sense of camaraderie and community.

We’re about good beer and good times – for both hardcore beer nerds and casual fans, and traditionalists and experimentalists alike. We’re not interested in chasing trends and we’re not guardians of history, either. We’re dedicated to high-quality, fun beer – in all its forms.

And we’re dedicated to doing it the right way. We’ll work to be a positive contributor to our community and our environment. While beer is important to us, these are the things that really, actually matter. 

If this all sounds simple, it’s because it is. We’ll be the ones keeping eyes on the details. For you, it’s just good beer, good times, and good people. We think that’s a winning combination, and that’s why we’re opening Redemption Rock Brewing Co.